Founded in 2002

Style which became long ago branded and recognizable.
Brand which is associated with high culture in beautiful business.

The marAmax company today is the leader in style and beauty sphere. Great skills, continuous development and innovative ideas made marAmax the trendsetter and style setter in the territory of Ukraine and in neighboring countries.

Mission and aim:

To be the first, anticipating waitings of clients, to set the tone and the direction for all branch. Most to use in the work new innovative technologies which can give qualitatively new level of service and comfort for clients.

MarAmax company every year expands its business briefcase with opening new, interesting and demanded, among customers projects. The course on the status of "a flagship of the beauty industry" was set for a long time that allows to be proud of uniqueness and an exclusivity of many projects.

The course to be a "flagship of the beauty industry" has been set for a long time, allowing proud uniqueness and exclusivity of many projects.

Business area of marAmax Group:

  • . beauty salons of Luxe class — “marAmax Institute Kerastase” and “marAmax Formula”
  • . network of city beauty shops “M.street” (business class)
  • . Academy of Hairdressing Art — “marAmax Academy”
  • . release of annual print publication “Maramax MAG”

"marAmax Institute Kerastase" salon founded in 2011 became the first and the only salon of a similar format in the Southern region of Ukraine.

The network of city beauty shops of a business class "M.street" became the most high-growth brand of Ukraine in 2013 according to the version of L'Oreal Professionnel company. Also it is the biggest network of beauty shops of the Southern region of Ukraine


Stylists of marAmax company know everything about fashion world tendencies. These are professionals who annually enhance their skill at leading world schools of hairdresser's art: Tony&GUY, SAKS, Vidal Sassoon, Llongueras, PivotPoint, SACO, etc.

Combining salon work, teaching activities and performance shows, stylists of the company are creators of hairdresser's trends, creating heute collections that are regularly published in authoritative professional publications


The marAmax company is the platinum partner of L’Oreal Professionnel - the world leader in the cosmetic sphere, creating its production on the basis of high scientific technologies for the sake of health and beauty.


We sincerely believe that each of us is capable to change the world to the best.

If you want to live in the beautiful city , you can start creating beauty by your own efforts.

We underestimate value of collective work and a public initiative. Got used to confidence of own powerlessness.

However the European and civilized future depends on everyone without exception. The country is first of all people and what they want, require and create.

Here some examples of how we managed to make a little good for our city, is inhabitants and including for ourselves.